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Eiji Aonuma promises atonement in Ocarina of Time 3DS

Eiji Aonuma, lead designer behind The Legend of Zelda series since The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, promises atonement for past sins. Gameblag Desructoid reports that at a round table discussion, Aonuma admitted that he was behind all the frustration many players felt in Ocarina of Time's Water Temple dungeon.

Aonuma asks the attendees, "How many thought the Water Temple was tough?"

After some laughter he follows: "How many thought it was horrible?"

"I have lived with that for the last 10 or so years," he admits.

As many players might recall, the dungeon was particularly frustrating because it required the constant use and removal of the Heavy Boots. Unfortunately (and famously), this never worked very well due to poorly planned controls. Aonuma plans to make good by making full use of the 3DS touchscreen in the forthcoming 3DS port. He says that he hopes to lay his shame to rest by making good use of the touch capabilities, making it much easier to equip and unequip items.

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Sblogs / 2010 / June / 16

Eiji Aonuma promises atonement in Ocarina of Time 3DS

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  1. I'd like to proclaim here that I got stuck in the Water Temple not for any of the 'normal' reasons. Behind the chest with the longshot is a block of time in the floor. Despite navi glowing green over it I did not realise at the time. In my stupidity I thought she was glowing green on an already opened chest. Why would that happen? I ran around the dungeon for ages not being able to work out what to do next.

    I hate the water temple, and it's because of the amount of time I invested in it for no reason other than my own stupidity. Huzzah.

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  2. It was the only imperfection in an otherwise perfect game.

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    • Tue January 26, 2021
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