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Psycho indie dev Cactus selling physical copies of 'Norrland' on eBay

Jonatan Söderström, better known by his web moniker Cactus, is an experimental indie developer best known for his unique arthouse-esque videogames. Spurred by a recent income drought, he is trying to rake in some dough since he "really could use the money to have a nice summer."1

To make those dreams a reality, he is selling a super-limited run of (i.e. ten) physical copies of his latest offbeat pixel venture, Norrland, on eBay.2 Complete with hand-crafted packaging full of Söderström's love, each CD will no doubt fetch a fancy price in the auctions. A must-have for the Cactus enthusiasts.

Working the corner, not making enough cash to indulge in the bidding process? No worries. Cactus has confirmed that he will be releasing Norrland as freeware, but only after all 10 copies have been snapped up by his loyal fans.

Norrland, he warns, is more “style and atmosphere” than substance.

The art game was made for part of an exhibition opening Friday at Kulturbygden, a cultural center in Sollefteå, Sweden. The game explores prejudices city folk hold against those who live in rural areas, and is adult in nature. The game’s trailer, above, features music by German techno artist Isolée.3

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  • Posted by Kanji
Sblogs / 2010 / June / 23

Psycho indie dev Cactus selling physical copies of 'Norrland' on eBay

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  1. Fan favorite here at Videogamin? I've never heard of him. Maybe it's more like "Fan favorite here at Kanji" ;)

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  2. @Rahul touché (edit: switched up those opening lines to something a little less presumptuous)

    Big shout out to Mr. Domino wherever he is (must be close) for introducing me to Cactus' surreal pixels in the first place.

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  3. @Kanji

    He's a fan-favorite to me! Cactus' stuff!

    But...I just spent a bunch of money getting tickets to the world premiere of the new Predator movie. I think it'll be the lame freeware-download for me...

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  4. @Rahul Maybe if you were around more you would have heard of him. He has a fan club.

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  5. Hooray, Cactus! Great find, Kanji.

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  6. So I just played this game, and holy hell. Heavy. Eerie emotional weight gonna be giving me some twisted dreams tonight...

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