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With Michael Atkinson having retired from that post at the recent state election, South Australian Premier Mike Rann and his new Attorney-General, John Rau (and the bureaucrats who advise him), have a real opportunity to support a sensible change that will be good for parents, good for kids, and good for a booming new industry employing lots of Australians. It's time to make an R18+ classification for video games a reality.

  • Posted by Alex
Sblogs / 2010 / July / 05

Former Queensland Premier Peter Beattie believes in an adults only rating for videogames in Australia

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  1. He was "mildly embarrassed for Australia". Good, I am too. Let's stop looking like a government controlled country where we can't even view the media we want to view that is well within moral bounds.

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  2. @Alex And it's about DAMN time too.

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  3. Always nice to see another anti-game crusader bite the dust.

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    • Tue January 19, 2021
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