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Is The Last Story the last Sakaguchi game? [Updated]

Although he just set up Mistwalker some six years ago, Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi has recently ruminated on his work on the Wii RPG The Last Story, Mistwalker's most recent project. A recent blog post might be a bit disheartening for Sakaguchi fans.

[Sakaguchi's] development team pours 120% of their energy [into the project]... Having been drained of energy, there is a strong feeling that this may be [Sakaguchi's] last work.

Will The Last Story do what Final Fantasy, some 25 years earlier, could not? Will it spell the end of Hironobu Sakaguchi's gaming career once and for all?

Update: According to The Magic Box (July 18, 2010), Sakaguchi has responded, saying his comments have been misconstrued. Here are his actual comments:

The energy poured into this project by the development team and I are 120%. I'm hoping you can understand that, however on the other hand, I feel worried and nervous like sending my child on a trip alone. Emotionally it feels like this is my last work, while pouring everything I have gotten into this project. Never regret, but now "I’m enjoying"; furthermore, aiming towards completion. The sense of "This is it" relaxes my shoulders, its pleasant feeling to conduct an orchestra by the sense of my intuition.

Thanks, Nels!

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Sblogs / 2010 / July / 15

Is The Last Story the last Sakaguchi game?

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  1. So it's come to this huh, Sakaguchi? Trying to re-live the Final Fantasy success?

    In all honosty, I really do want to see this game succeed. Sakaguchi you have my support!

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  2. I refuse to believe this.

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  3. @Kanji Really? The guy has done a lot in his time (it's even hard to believe that The Spirits Within was nine years ago), I can understand his desire to resign. He deserves it imo, without him, a lot of people would be either out of business or just stumped for ideas on building a successful franchise.

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  4. It's just kind of hard to swallow for me, from a purely subjective vantage: the idea that he'd disappear from the scene at a time like this. I guess I wouldn't be against him deserving it, but I always picture great devs like Saks going out with a big bang. The Last Story looks fantastic, but doesn't really evoke any epic farewell vibes that I'd expect from a guy like this. Can't really explain it I guess, basically HE CANT BE DONE YET (good to know he isn't, nice save Nels)

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