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Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 E3 2010 Betrayal Cinematic Trailer [HD]

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  1. This guy is capable of taking on a hundred storm troopers and a hundred killer robots, at the same time and with barely any effort, so Vader tries to have him killed in a small enclosed chamber by a handful of flunkies armed with blasters. Sure, it could work.

    I love Star Wars as much as the next guy, but it's just ridiculous how powerful Jedi are sometimes depicted. I know this is only a game, and The Clone Wars is only a cartoon, but it's not even remotely believable that anyone as powerful as a Jedi would have any problems single-handedly dismantling an empire.

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  2. Maybe Yoda was just a pussy.

    Edit: Well in the first game Vader had to pretend that he killed his apprentice to show the emperor loyalty, I doubt he thinks he'll die from the troopers.

    Still I see your point, in the films we never see Jedi running around killing everything. That said in the 'better' trilogy we only saw extremely old people and a trainee, so who knows.

    Let's just hope there's no stupid 'bring the star cruiser down' moment again. That was a game breaker for me.

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  3. @Alex Wouldn't a Jedi that ran around killing everything just be considerd a Sith? Jedi try only to use violence as a last resort, don't they? I don't even think Starkiller considers himself to be a Jedi; all he wants is Vader dead because he has fucked him over all his life. Besides he probably knows that all the stromtroopers all just clones anyways.

    As for the crushing the star destroyer scene in the 1st game, it was never in the PS2 version (it was but just as a cutscene), which was the one I played, but I always heard it was way overly hard and just down right stupid.

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  4. @Son_Gara Yes you're right.

    Yes, it was very stupid. My housemate managed to pull it off, I never went back to the game because I knew I also would have to get past it on my game.

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  5. This game was too damn short!

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    • Fri January 22, 2021
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