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Microsoft announces Project Draco, a Yukio Futatsugi game


From the creator behind the Panzer Dragoon series, Yukio Futatsugi has officially returned (along with his Team Andromeda comrades, Manabu Kusunoki as concept artist and Tomohiro Kondo as lead designer) after a 5 year hiatus. Ever since his Phantom Dust game for the original Xbox, Futatsugi had been very seclusive until now where he announced his Xbox 360 exclusive tentatively titled Project Draco. Abbreviate that and what do you get? P D. What does that remind you of? Panzer Dragoon? Well you're on the right track as the debut teaser trailer heavily implies exactly that.

At this TGS, Microsoft had a round of Kinect exlusives with Project Draco as one of the five shown. This game will feature the newly developed control interface coming for the 360 this year.


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Microsoft announces Project Draco, a Yukio Futatsugi game

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  1. Oh man, oh man. This is definitely one to keep an eye on. the artwork alone gets me psyched.

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  2. Disappointed this is a 360 exclusive. There hasn't been a Panzer Dragoon series game I haven't enjoyed. It looks really cool per usual.

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