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Although Square Enix announced Final Fantasy XIII in 2006 with an elaborate trailer, the team behind the game had little direction beyond this proof of concept, which led to problems as development ramped up. This lack of a shared vision is one of the aspects of development explored in a Game Developer magazine in-depth postmortem of FF XIII, written by Motomu Toriyama and Akihiko Maeda. Follow the link for excerpts; the full article must be purchased.

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Behind the scenes of Final Fantasy XIII

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  1. That was a very interesting article. And the comments (at least at the time I read it) were very well put together and thought provoking.

    Though I agree with the sentiments that FFXIII could have been a lot better, in many ways I think the Final Fantasy series has become irrelevant. The idea of Final Fantasy is not something as many people are interested anymore. Sure the clamor for it like they do, but I get the impression what a lot of them really want is another BioWare or Bethesda title dressed up in Final Fantasy trappings. Though, admittedly that does sounds pretty cool, moving in that directions sounds like a really bad idea (BioWare and Bethesda game are pretty stagnant right now as well). But what's compounding the issue is I don't think SE even knows what Final Fantasy is anymore. Actually, I know they don't because they admitted it in the article:

    "Even at a late stage of development, we did not agree on key elements of the game, which stemmed from the lack of a cohesive vision, the lack of finalized specs, and the remaining problems with communication between departments."

    If the goal is to appeal to Western sensibilities more, I think SE would be a lot better off if they also tried looking at the catalog of games that have those sensibilities in common (SaGa series, Live a Live, etc.) instead of just looking at Western titles. I think that is where they'll find the most useful information, since they won't need to work as hard to bridge a culture gap to come to an understanding.

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    • Mon January 24, 2022
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