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3DS games could cost trillions to develop

Developing a game for Nintendo 3DS might cost up to $1.8m USD, according to Marvelous Entertainment (Harvest Moon series). These 3DS estimates are more in line with what developers spend on home console games (Wii games cost as much as $1.4m, though Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 budgets can be double that).1

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata was quoted last month as saying, "We don't believe that the world is in a state where high priced software will sell well, so we don't believe it will be in a price range too far off from current DS software." However, he also cited a "dynamic range" of software development budgets, which could mean a greater variety of game prices as well.

In an era when budget gaming is dominating the handheld market, and following the disastrous combination of costly PSP game development and rampant piracy, the 3DS could be as ill-fated as the 3D technology that requires you to wear glasses.2


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