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Nintendo Australia pulls marketing stunt for Donkey Kong Country Returns

Donkey Kong Country Returns was released on the Nintendo Wii yesterday in Australia. Nintendo pulled a marketing stunt in Sydney by placing a huge pile of bananas labelled "Kong's Banana Hoard" in the middle of Circular Quay. The bananas were offered to the public for free and the company also organised a giant bite mark to be added to The Big Banana at Coffs Harbour.

In discussing the hoard, Nintendo spokesperson Heather Murphy advised:

We are so relieved the stash of bananas has been found. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong have been hunting all over Australia for their stolen bananas!

Banana Hoard in Sydney, Australia

Banana Hoard in Sydney, Australia

The Big Banana in Sydney, Australia

The Big Banana in Sydney, Australia

Donkey Kong Country Returns was first released on November 21 in North America and is a reboot of the Donkey Kong Country series by Retro Studios. It is the first Donkey Kong game to be released on a home console since Donkey Kong Jungle Beat and the first in the Country series not developed by Rare.


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