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SSX Deadly Descents preview trailer

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  1. I'm a huge fan of the series, but this preview concerns me. So dark and serious. It's like they're going to battle a demon king at the top of that mountain. Which would be awesome if that's what they were actually going to do because it's completely absurd. No, all they're doing is snowboarding. I liked the game a lot more when it was lighthearted and a little silly. I was exploring the mountain in a zen-like experience. Not fighting the mountain in a state of grit and determination.

    I hope SSX Deadly Descents turns out of be fun. SSX series is my favorite sports franchise (possible tie with Mario Kart series).

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  2. @Nels

    I liked the game a lot more when it was lighthearted and a little silly.

    I know exactly what you mean and agree with you to the extent that, in retrospect, SSX Tricky took this route to the point of retardation. I don't think I could play that game ever again. It's Tricky! TRICK-AY! Tricky! TRICK-AY!

    That said, I ascend to your side again -- this trailer is retarded in the completely opposite direction.

    Anyway, I still think this is awesome news! I just started playing SSX Blur recently, so I'm just about finished with the whole series, just in time for the next installment. Huzzah!

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