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Super Mario Galaxy 2 totally blows

Super Mario Galaxy 2 blows

ReviewArguably the best Mario game in a decade, Super Mario Galaxy was followed up with an easy, lame, boring, if polished sequel in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

It's been noted that this sequel's existence is owed to the large quantity of leftovers from the original, leaving a bunch of galaxies on the cutting room floor. Super Mario Galaxy 2 feels like these throwaway levels were picked up, dusted off, polished off, and packed away.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 plays and looks spectacular, even better than the original in both regards. However, there's little to no challenge and play feels aimless; after a short while, the fun wears out, there seems to be little direction, goals begin to get blurry, and any reasons to continue playing are lost.

Although I didn't finish the game (I only made it to the fourth galaxy of seven total), I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone who calls themselves a gamer, the least of who enjoyed the original. If you still haven't played Super Mario Galaxy, pick it up now! But if you have, skip this bland rehash and hope the next major Mario game will be at least as good as the original.

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Super Mario Galaxy 2 totally blows

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  1. I'd sum it up as more of the same, except with some of the magic gone. Though I do think the racing levels have been improved. I think it's definitely worthwhile for people that really love platforming. But they probably don't need a review to help them make up their mind about this one...

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  2. @Nels

    I think it's definitely worthwhile for people that really love platforming.

    Okay, but don't get it before you get Wario Land: Shake It!, which is spectacular (and cheap!).

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  3. I thought SMG2 was a great step-up from the original, but thats just my own personal opinion. Sure, the overall game diffuculty seemed lowered from the first one, but it still had plenty of challenges of it's own. I liked the fact that you could choose between playing Mario or Luigi practically from the start, instead of having to beat the game first as Mario before getting to play as Luigi like you had to do in the original. I especially thought the music was better, but again this is my own opinion because my favorite Mario game is Super Mario World, and as I remember, a lot of music from that game was used. But, probably what I liked most about the game was the fact that they took out the those goddamn stupid mirror races. Personally, if someone had just started playing the Super Mario Galaxy series, I would suggest that they start with the second game and then more on to the first.

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  4. I've got the first one...played it for probably 1-2 hours and did that thing I always do and got distracted with other things. It was fun though...good to see I'm missing out on little with the sequel.

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