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What a delight it is to play a game of such sublime simplicity, focus, maturity and production...the calibre of the writing is truly up there with the finest released; the translation effort is sterling and the choice of language and structure is, while deeply traditional, very readable and crackling with personality...every element, from tight translation to polished and considered gameplay, point towards a masterpiece-in-waiting.

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IGN's glowing preview of Tactics Ogre: Wheel of Fortune

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  1. Might be time to charge my PSP...later...

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  3. @Nels that is giddy-inducing.

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  5. @Matt Jeremy Parish is pretty much the only reviewer of video games whose opinion matters to me anymore. Which makes me a little sad since I used to feel comfortable getting advice from quite a few sources.

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  6. @Nels That makes me sad too

    More fun quotes about TO:

    I cannot stop thinking about the new Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together PSP remake, which is a terrible, terrible affliction for someone who does not own one of these Portable PlayStation devices — I know, I’m the last handheld gamer in the world without one.

    1UP’s A+ review of the SRPG and Active Time Babble’s podcast discussion last week have further weakened my immune system, leaving me in a feverish state. My wife tells me that in my semi-consciousness last night, I cried out for archers to take the high ground, then communicated commands to an imagined unit of rogues via subtle but complex hand gestures.

    – eric caoili @TinyCartridge

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