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When people design online games, they often do lazy work. They bring an existing single-player game — an RPG, an RTS, a fighting game, a shooter — and duct tape on some online technology. They say, “okay, there’s multiple players, now do something cool. Here, play a kid’s game like Capture the Flag.” That’s the level of design. “Why don’t you kill each other until the last guy is left standing.”

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When people design online games, they often do lazy work...

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  1. This is an interesting read not just for info on the game Journey, but for the musing of someone who really seems to have a vision for the future of video games.

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  2. Interesting stuff, however it always tees me off considerably when people are dismissive of other people's work, especially when they generalize about it. Making even a game as shitty as Drake of the 99 Dragons is a shitton of work on all involved, and so I chafe at any published game developer being referred to as lazy.

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