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I was reading through a SH2 FAQ and came across ‘the letter’ from SH2. I really loved it and wanted more readers to have a chance to see it. The scene where Maria [sic] reads it, if you have never seen it, is one of the three most emotional moments I have ever had with the actors. The actress cried after she read it and many of us were getting a little misty-eyed. Try to listen to it on Youtube if you can. It was a great moment.

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Jeremy Blaustein reflects on his experience working on Silent Hill 2

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  1. I have linked said letter reading here.

    The interview is most interesting, especially where he discusses the way he was treated by Konami as a freelancer.

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  2. There was also some very interesting interviews with Guy Cihi (the voice actor for James Sunderland) a few months back. I'll have to see if I can find them again, as I was linked to them via the Silent Hill boards.

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