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Games are the single most productive thing we can do with our time... [they] give us the power to change the world.

Author and futurist Jane McGonigal at DICE 2011

  • Posted by Matt

"Games are the single most productive thing we can do"


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  1. This kind of comment really bothers me. Even disregarding the hyperbole, there just seems like there is something incredibly disingenuous about it.

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  2. @Nels But what could possibly be more productive than playing video games?

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  3. @Alex Nothing indeed.

    @Nels I took "the world" not to be our physical world, but rather something along the lines of: "[videogames] give us the power to change the [virtual] world [we inhabit while playing]."

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  4. @Matt OK that makes sense.

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  5. Much more sense than a videogame nerd changing the real world.

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  6. @Matt Well, much more sense than a video game nerd changing the world by simply by playing video games.

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    • Sat January 16, 2021
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