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Mortal Kombat Refused Classification decision to be reviewed

BlogThe Australian Classification Board determined that 2011's Mortal Kombat was Refused Classification meaning it is now illegal for the title to be sold, hired or advertised in Australia. The Classification Review Board is to meet on the 11th of March to review this decision.1 Submissions can be made to the board via email or post and I have already submitted my own comments specifically regarding the impact of the violence of fatalities (given they are not interative) and comparing some of their specific comments to relatively recent classification decisions to other MA15+ films including Kick-Ass and Silent Hill.

Here's hoping they change their decision given that we still have no idea when/if our law will be changed to accomodate an R18+ rating (adults only) for video games.


  1. Classification Review Board Media Release

  • Posted by Alex

Mortal Kombat Refused Classification decision to be reviewed

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  1. boo Australia

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  2. Yeah, it seems like one thing to make the games only available for sale to adults, but if I'm reading this correctly, it is complete censorship?

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  3. Yeah we have no adults-only rating for video games. Therefore anything above MA15+ is banned (that's legally restricted to people 15 and over). This game (as it stands) is therefore not legally able to be sold, hired out or advertised in this country. There are fines and such. Customs are entitled to seize imported titles that have been banned if they find them.

    I'm interested to see how the review goes, I haven't made a submission to a review before though it may have been too late.

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    • Tue November 24, 2020
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