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Mortal Kombat Review Fails to Produce MA15+ Rating

The Australian Classification Board has reviewed its recent decision on Mortal Kombat in which it was determined the game would be Refused Classification. The Classification Review Board met on the 11th of March to conduct a review as requested by publisher Warner Bros Entertainment. The review has not changed the original decision; Mortal Kombat has been Refused Classification1 which means it cannot be sold, hired, advertised or demonstrated in Australia.

As Australia does not have an adult's only rating for video games and the board believes the violence in the title is too strong for the MA15+ rating no choice was left under Australian law other than to ban it. All video games (as well as film & television broadcasts/home media) by law must be rated to be made available in the country. The board will publish the reasons for the decision on their website once finalised.

Mortal Kombat has received a Mature rating from the ESRB in the United States. The ERSB "does not have the legal authority to implement or enforce retailer sales policies with respect to computer and video games" though does provide education and assistance to retailers.

The BBFC (Britain) and PEGI (Europe) rating boards have rated the title 18+ and 18 respectively.2. The BBFC's decision is legally binding and enforceable, whereas the rating provided by PEGI differs between countries within Europe from legally enforceable to merely being a recommendation.

Developed by NetherRealm Studios, Mortal Kombat is a 2011 release which aims to bring the franchise back to its origins. The fighting game will be released on April 19 in the United States and April 21 in Europe.


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Mortal Kombat Review Fails to Produce MA15+ Rating

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  1. What a surprise. I'm so shocked.

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  2. That sucks, well I guess this is one instance where illegal downloading wouldn't be such a bad idea.

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