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Fez gameplay video from PAX East

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  1. The first thing that popped into my head when the video started was Cave Story. Did this happen for anyone else?

    Also, it looks amazing. I sure hope they release it for PlayStation Network someday too, so I can actually play it. Though a Steam release seems inevitable. So if it really comes to it I could just get a copy there.

    Here's the official discussion concerning other platforms.

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  2. Definitely some Cave Story vibes radiating outta this one, and I'm lovin' it. This video made my night really, watching it felt almost like the first time I fell in love with goddamn videogames. Fingers crossed for a PC release, no way I'll be getting my hands on a 360 any time in the near future. But holy hell do I want to play it. Looks deliciously retro topped off with inimitable indie flair. To the industry: more like this, please.

    Really feelin' that soundtrack too, wow. Was not expecting it to be so hypnotic, but it sounds lush.

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