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First look at Grand Knights History

Grand Knights History is the next title from Odin Sphere and Muramasa developer Vanillaware. Unlike the Japanese developer's previous Action RPG titles, History will be a turn-based RPG and will be the studio's first handheld title, scheduled for a PSP release this summer in Japan.

In a world wherein three competing kingdoms -- one antagonistic, one religious, and one magical -- are vying for supremacy, you'll form the head of your very own band of knights and create support troops, customizing their physical appearance, gender, voice type, and other aspects.1

Grand Knights History also promises some form of network play. "The 2D characters will be animated just like in our action games, and we're also challenging ourselves to build a new type of gameplay by fusing online and offline," said Tomohiko Deguchi, project director at Vanillaware. "Most RPGs up to now involve one person or a group of friends playing together, but we're trying to set up this new kind of game, a full-on war that all the users are connected together in. It's a war RPG where not just one player, not just a few people, but all of the players are drawn together as they fight."2

An overseas release has not been announced.


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  2. 1UP: Vanillaware Returns With Grand Knights History

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First look at Grand Knights History

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  1. Those look really cool, but I really didn't like Odin Sphere and I thought it looked great too, so I've been wary ever since.

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