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Beyond Good & Evil HD coming to PSN next week

Beyond Good & Evil HD, released in March for Xbox Live Marketplace1, is coming to PS3 via PlayStation Network Tuesday, June 28 for $9.99.

For this update, developer Ubisoft has incorporated more than just full 1080p resolution. As highlighted in this ars technica article, Beyond Good & Evil HD also has received some significant graphical upgrades, including new textures and character models.

Also included in the update are the requisite achievements and leaderboards which provide a notable gameplay encouragement. Much of the charm of the original game was found by exploring the surprisingly rich world of Hillys—taking pictures of the wildlife, collecting all the data Mdisks, or even gathering all the pearls in the game. All actions that earn players Achievements.2



  2. Beyond Good & Evil HD preview: There is power in numbers (Carlson and Peeters, chapter 21) (Joystiq)

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Beyond Good & Evil HD coming to PSN next week

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  1. That's odd, it's already available in Australia on the PSN. Apparently it was released on the 18th of May. Go us for once?

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  2. I'd been scrounging GameStop used games bins for a few years looking for this. Guess it's good I never found it.

    Does anyone know about how long the game is? I've purchased way too many games compared to my rate of consumption recently. I'm trying to work in some of the shorter games so I actually complete things instead of playing Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City for 100+ hours and buying 4 more games before I'm through.

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