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Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy Origins rated by ESRB on PSN

Both Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy Origins (which was a PlayStation release of both Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II) have both been rated by the ESRB12.

It would appear both Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy Origins will be coming to the PlayStation Network as PSOne classics (for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable). Both titles have already been released on the PSN in Japan on July 6 and June 24 respectively.

Sony also mistakenly announced recently that both Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI were being released on the PSN for the week starting September 19. They have since retracted this announcement and advised that no date is available for either title in the United States3. Chrono Trigger is already available on the Nintendo DS and Virtual Console and Final Fantasy VI is out on the PSN already in both Japan and Europe.


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  • Posted by Alex

Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy Origins rated by ESRB on PSN


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  1. Sony will one day work out how to stop confusing everyone with their random release dates for PSN PSOne classics - which currently make no sense.

    Also Chrono Cross!!!

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  2. Australian release please? ....fuck it, i'll just create a US-PSN account

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  3. @Wassabiz yep, I've got one for these exact times!

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