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Valkyria Chronicles III not coming to US or Europe

Sega has announced that Valkyria Chronicles III will not be localised to the North American or Europe markets. Hiroshi Seno, Sega's team manager of console sales cited poor PSP system sales in the western markets as well as weak interest in Valkyria Chronicles II. However, Seno noted that a future downloadable release on PlayStation Vita is possible.

Valkyria Chronicles II sold 85,191 copies in the United States compared to 178,716 copies in Japan1. Seno specifically stated that the game did not sell enough copies to justify localisation costs.

To compare, Valkyria Chronicles (on PlayStation 3) sold 653,032 copies in the United States, and 242,623 copies in Japan2.


  1. VGChartz - Valkyria Chronicles II

  2. VGChartz - Valkyria Chronicles


  • Posted by Alex

Valkyria Chronicles III not coming to US or Europe


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  1. One can't help wonder what went wrong. I admit I haven't played the second title, and I hear it's not quite as good but still totally worth it. Why didn't they just keep pumping the titles out on PS3?

    I'd also like to point out that I feel it's extremely unlikely to come out as a downloadable title - if II didn't sell enough to justify the localization I can't see how III will. Yes the costs will be a bit lower to pump the game out, but given what happens in anime/light novels/manga the localization is particularly expensive - so I doubt we'll be seeing this at all.

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  2. @Alex

    That's a shame. The 2nd title of what I've played (I've put in 75 hours into it! Jeebus...) is pretty darn fun. I thought the school setting would blow but it turned out excellent in my opinion. Oh well, never did end up finishing it but.

    I guess people who played it on the PS3 probably didn't have a PSP or they saw the game as a downgrade so they maybe didn't give it a chance. Like my cousin!

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  3. Lame, Sega.

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  4. It's okay. The first one was terribad!

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  5. @Rahul Blasphemy!

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