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Official Zelda Series Timeline Released

Official Zelda Series Timeline

Nintendo released a book to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Zelda series titled 'Hyrule Historia'. The book contains artwork, designs, and information. It also contains the hotly debated timeline of the series - except this time it's 100% official. In the early 2000s Nintendo of America released this timeline - complete with a warning that this was only their interpretation and the actual timeline remains open to debate. Translator Dan Owsen wanted to upload a draft but Nintendo Japan requested them to cancel the plan - as despite having an official plan in Japan they want to keep the speculation and theories running for the fandom.

The book is currently available in Japanese only however a fan translation has begun. The above image is a translated version of the official timeline provided in the book.


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Official Zelda Series Timeline Released

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  1. This is insane, can't believe an official statement came out. I used to read detailed timeline analyses by fans on online havens like Zelda Universe and Zelda Dungeon, back around the N64/Gamecube era. there is some great stuff along these lines by the way, plus detailed fan writeups of the more mysterious aspects of the Zelda mythos. I wonder how much of that stuff has been preserved over the years. Those things were always intriguing reads, but I never really thought that the creators intended for much continuity in certain games beyond reusing certain symbols for the sake of player familiarity.

    I guess this book changes things. The timeline split after the events of OoT is intriguing; I dont think I've ever thought about it that way. And of all the things that I've heard about Skyward Sword, this is the image that really makes me want to check it out, heheh. I wonder how much other life-changing shit is in this book. Will be keeping tabs on the linked site.

    This amazing picture was also linked on there, is it actually official? mwahaha

    Official Hairline

    Official Hairline

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  2. I'm a big fan of the Zelda series. And while the debates over the series timeline have never struck my fancy, the release of an official timeline is a big deal to me. I'm still on winter break and it has been pretty uneventful, so this little ditty will probably be the most exciting thing that happens to me all day. I'm super stoked.

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  3. Glad to share. @Kanji I like that timeline also :)

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    • Fri January 15, 2021
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