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Metal Gear producer Hideo Kojima is the standard go-to when discussing game creators who practice a film-like auteur approach to game design, and ten years after its launch Metal Gear Solid 2 remains his most decidedly auteurist turn. Few games have ever commanded as high a profile or represented so much for the future and direction of an entire platform as MGS2. But even within that rarified company, Kojima's PlayStation 2 blockbuster remains unique. Never before or since has a game producer seized on his visibility and clout to so radically transform a tentpole production into an elaborate soapbox statement...

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Metal Gear Solid 2: Gaming's Greatest Con Job

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  1. While I can see how Hideo Kojima can be looked at in the vein of a film-like auteur I think stretching things way too far. It's hard enough to argue anyone in the film industry anymore is an auteur anymore - let alone in the games industry. He certainly does not fully contribute every single artistic aspect of his games - there's plenty of other people involved such as Yoji Shinkawa and Tomokazu Fukushima. The entire bomb freezing part of the game was conceived by another staff member.

    Not that I'm disputing most of what this article has to say - Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty certainly was very deceptive and really honed the idea of the digital age home. The concepts of the digital world being able to be manipulated and information censored was a strong concept. It's still very much relevant - with governments looking at (or implementing) internet censorship and preventing the release of certain kinds of media we're already seeing these types of situations. (Well not to the extent of MGS2 of course.)

    Can't wait until the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection comes out!

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