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Nintendo 3DS Lite

In a recent blog post at Kotaku, the question is posed: is Nintendo releasing a 3DS Lite?. A more apt question would be when is Nintendo releasing a 3DS Lite? Nintendo has released updated versions of every single handheld it has ever produced: Game Boy got both a Pocket update and a Light version, Game Boy Advance was retrofitted into a folding SP and later scaled down to Micro size, and Nintendo DS got a sleeker, slimmer Lite followed by an i and an XL. Not counting the six years between the original Game Boy release and Pocket update, Nintendo has retrofitted its handheld hardware within two years on average (GBA 2001, SP 2003, Micro 2005; DS 2004, Lite 2006, DSi 2008, DSiXL 2009). With 3DS sales booming (4 million sold in the US alone), we can expect a hardware update sometime within the next 14 months. However two major factors, low battery life and the lack of a second analog stick, may push a hardware update even sooner.

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Nintendo 3DS Lite

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  1. Aside from improved battery life and the additional analog pad, I don't see how the 3DS hardware could be improved. It's already quite slim (3DS is smaller than DS Lite) and much sleeker than the original clunky DS.

    I'm for a 3DS XL. I still have, love, and schlep around my DSi XL despite the fact that my 3DS can play DS games quite fine. The bigger screen is nice on the eyes and the bigger body is more comfortable to hold. Despite still being angry over getting hosed for being an early 3DS adopter, I would totally buy a 3DS XL today.

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  2. @Matt a big screen would certainly be nice. The battery life is potentially an issue but to be honest my 3DS doesn't really get much use.

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    • Tue October 27, 2020
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