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Square officially announces Tokyo Game Show lineup

A remix, a couple of remakes, a re-release, a replacement for an aborted port, a revival of a dormant series, a reluctant sequel to a "self-borrowing" spin-off, and some new game to appear at Japan's premier gaming shindig.Square officially announced its game lineup for the Tokyo Game Show 2002, which takes place September 21-22 between 10 AM to 5 PM.

Headlining the lineup is the PlayStation 2's Unlimited SaGa, which currently has a release date of December 19 in Japan.

Square will also feature Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix, to be released December 26 in Japan. Final Mix is equivalent to the English version of Kingdom Hearts, and includes the English voice acting, extra bosses, and "Simple and Clean," the English version of "Hikari," KH's theme song.

Hanjuku Hero VS 3D for the PS2, the third game in the quirky simulation RPG series and the first original Hanjuku since 1992's Hanjuku Hero: Aa, Sekai yo Hanjukunare...!! for the Super Famicom, will also be shown at TGS. Its official website,, happens to be modeled after PlayOnline's design.

Rounding out the PS2 lineup is the "Special Art Box" edition of Final Fantasy XI, featuring artwork by Yoshitaka Amano on the packaging and other features. The Special Art Box is scheduled for release September 26 in Japan.

Announced only several weeks ago, Chocobo Land: A Game of Dice, the board-game sequel to Dice de Chocobo, is one of Square's GameBoy Advance games to appear at TGS. Chocobo Land replaces the Dice De Chocobo remake for the WonderSwan Color.

Square's other GBA title is the tactical RPG Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Square recently posted preliminary information on the game at its official website. FFTA is scheduled for released this December in Japan.

Square concluded its official lineup with the PlayStation remakes of Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II. Both games are scheduled for release October 31 in Japan.

Square's lineup does not include the Final Fantasy X "side stories," Yuna Version and Rikku Version, which were announced in late May. Conspicuously absent from the list are Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. In addition, other GameBoy Advance titles reported to be in production, remakes of Seiken Densetsu, Final Fantasy III and Hanjuku Hero, are not listed.

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