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Hurling money at a development team that has been labouring without firm creative leadership for close to a decade now has led to a game that is, in many ways, as disjointed as its world, as rambling as its lead character. In those fragments excellence, confusion, beauty, strangeness, wonder and loss may all be found.

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Eurogamer attempts to put into words the strange experience of Final Fantasy XIII-2.

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  1. What an excellent quote.

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  2. Everything I read about this game makes me think I'm going to like it a heckuva lot more than I originally thought. It's these B-grade games that have massive strokes of genius counterbalanced by a total lack of cohesion that really seem to work for me. I don't know, I guess we'll see in a few months when I have time to play the game.

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  3. @Nels yeah I'm often the same. I'm currently playing through Final Fantasy XIII though - still haven't finished it. Having said that I am picking up Final Fantasy XIII-2 today - so I guess I know what I'm doing over my next 5 days off!

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    • Fri September 25, 2020
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