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Double Fine Kickstarter For New Adventure Title Achieves Goal in Just Over Eight Hours

Double Fine have created a Kickstarter for a new adventure game. The project promises to create a point and click adventure over a 6-8 month period under supervision of Tim Schafer (who previously worked on The Secret of Monkey Island and Grim Fandango) with funding from the public rather than relying on a publishing company for financial support. The project's goal was to hit $400,000, which it hit in a little over eight hours. As of the time of writing this article the current amount pledged is $1,516,389 with 31 days to go for further donations.

Schafer has promised the extra funding will go into the game, advising that additional features such as wider language support, more music and voice acting will be included thanks to the extra support.

The project surpassed $1 million within 24 hours, breaking Kickstarter's records for the number of contributors to one project and also the most amount of money raised within 24 hours1. It has opened up a flurry of discussion within the gaming community; the concept of a game with a budget on this scale being funded by the public is certainly a different direction from the standard publisher/investor funded model.

Schafer is reported to have wanted to make another point and click adventure title for some time, but he could not find funding or a publisher. He reacted to fans constantly saying they'd buy a new point and click title from him by asking them to put their money with their mouth is2 - this clearly has been a resounding success.

The project will also be documented with montly video updates exclusively available to backers (as mentioned earlier). Double Fine is promising total transparency to give an honest depiction of the game making process to the public.

Kickstarter projects tend to offer rewards in tiers based on donation amounts, with Double Fine's promising a free copy of the game on Steam, beta access, video documentary footage along the development path and access to a private discussion board for $15. Additional rewards are available for greater donations including a variety of strange rewards for those who are able to donate over $10,000, including a picture of Ron Gilbert smiling for $30,000 or more (with an undoctored version available for $35,000 or more).


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Double Fine Kickstarter For New Adventure Title Achieves Goal in Just Over Eight Hours


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