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Junction Point is bringing not one, but two Epic Mickey sequels to Nintendo this fall!

In the recent Nintendo Power issue, game creator, Warren Spector, sits down and talks about his new games he has coming this fall; Epic Mickey: The Power of Two for the Wii and Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion for the 3DS. Power of Two will feature co-op play, with player two taking control of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Mickey will still use the paint brush and tinner, but Oswald will be using a remote control that shoots electricity, as well as other gadgets. The biggest news seems to be though, that the camera system, that was so horrible in the first game, has been completely overhauled and will no longer be the burden it once was. All characters will have real actual dialogue in the game, as opposed to the squeaking and grunting sounds of the last game.

Power of Illusion, for the 3DS, is also a sequel (set sometime after the first game), but is also a follow-up to the Mickey Mouse game, Castle of Illusion for the Sega Genesis. This side-scroller, will feature characters and levels from both games, including the boss of CoI, the witch Mizrabel. Mickey's bounce attack is back and he will use it along with the paintbrush to transerve through the castle once more. Expect both games to hit stores this fall.

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Junction Point is bringing not one, but two Epic Mickey sequels to Nintendo this fall!

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  1. I thought making Power of Illusion a 2-D side-scroller was an interesting choice... There were some screens posted at Tiny Cartridge yesterday. It looks throwback like woah.

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    • Wed January 27, 2021
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