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diablo iii shrine

Check out this enshined PC, lying in wait to play Diablo III. More pics on this NeoGAF post.

Joystiq reports that Diablo III is's most pre-ordered PC game of all-time, coming off a recent open beta weekend that net 2 million players.

  • Posted by Matt
Sblogs / 2012 / May / 12

Poll Question: How excited are you about Diablo III?

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Enshrined PC lying in wait for Diablo III

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  1. I need to buy a new computer if I'm going to get Diablo III. In fact, I said its release would be when I buy one. Now I don't have the funds so I'll just keep putting it off =

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  2. @Nels I got the internet just in time! Hooray!

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  3. I can never play Diablo 3, the story of how a Diablo II addition destroyed a young man's life. Has this ever happened to you?

    Stories like this make me very wary about MMORPGs. I feel I have the same affliction as this guy; World of Warcraft will probably destroy me.

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    • Tue January 19, 2021
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