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Sblog 2.0 and other improvements -- Videogam.in Sblog

Videogam.in, a site about videogames

Welcome to Videogam.in, a site about videogames. Read more about this site or else pay me for the door repair charge.

Sblog 2.0 and other new stuff

After a few weeks of downtime, we're back with a bunch of new features and updates. Here's what's new at Videogam.in:

Sblog 2.0

Completely redesigned -- See the new Sblog form

For the next Sblog update, I wanted to give more power and focus on media, especially pictures and video. So I did two things:

  1. Redesigned the Sblog form to be easier to post media. I did this by engineering picture uploading directly on the form (and if you're using an A-grade browser like Chrome or Firefox, you can drag and drop pictures from your harddrive or browser download bar directly into the form to initiate the upload), and by simplifying the previously-complicated video form to a single input field that will accept either a URL or embed code.
  2. Redesigned post-lists to feature media prominently

However, even though there has been a greater focus on media, the Sblog can still handle text articles very well, and there has been several elements of the text design that have been redesigned and improved for better readability and aesthetic pleasure.

Here's the full list of Sblog updates:

  • Redesigned with a greater focus on media, though flexible enough to handle full text articles elegantly
  • A redesigned backend that makes it easier to post Sblogs and gives more flexibility
  • Media Attachments: feature a link, picture(s), video, audio, or Tweet with your Sblog post
    • Easy Image uploading with image layout options
    • A single input field for Video attachments -- input either a video URL or an embed code
    • Attach a Tweet to your post
  • Facebook & Twitter support -- Authorize these via your account preferences page and you can post your Sblogs to your Facebook or Twitter feeds. If you have admin access you can also post to the official Videogam.in Twitter feed.
  • New post options:
    1. Play Log -- your personal game journal; Write about play experiences and post screens and videos of your accomplishments
    2. Summary -- a summary or synopsis of an album or game; This is the option you should choose for Album summaries on the album pages. I'm considering how to implement it on database content pages in the future...

New input markup formatting

We've done away with the old BB Code text input format and have implemented Markdown, an easy-to-read, easy-to-write plain text format. Here's an example:

[url=http://google.com]Google[/url] [b]bold text[/b]
[Google](http://google.com) **bold text**

There are also a bunch of new features and formatting that are detailed in the Formatting Guide.

Better input experience

A completely reengineered formatting toolbar to help you format your text and insert media, including keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl + B for bold) and an auto-complete widget that tracks when you're typing a Videogam.in Page name and gives you completion suggestions. Just type [[ followed by the first few letters of the name of a Videogam.in content page and a suggestion wizard will pop up.

Try it by typing [[Fin to get a list of Final Fantasy games and albums.

New Avatars

Avatars have been resized to fit external standards. Avatars will be featured mostly in two sizes: 48x48 and 144x144. There are also a whole bunch of new avatars that have been uploaded. Check them out!


Forums have received a slight redesign, and the number of forum categories has been reduced to focus on the Gaming forum and Non-Gaming forum.

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Sblog 2.0 and other improvements


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  1. There's still several issues I'm addressing, especially "dead" functions that are a result of bugs in the backend. I'm working on addressing all of these issues diligently, but if you find any issues make sure you fill out a quick bug report via PM or the Feedback form at the bottom of the page.

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  3. @Matt this keyboard shortcut function is amazing. Combined with my Mac's ability to point out any silly spelling errors it's like I'm living in the future!

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  5. I really enjoy the quality of work you do on this website. Keep up the good work!

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  7. Damn, this is sexy.

    Can someone tell me why people even go to other videogame websites again.

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    • ???
    • Thu January 20, 2022
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