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Double Fine Amnesia Fortnight projects chosen (updated)

Double Fine Productions is running Amnesia Fortnight public this year, and all the votes are now in. The pitches chosen (in order of popularity) are Hack n' Slash by Brandon Dillon, Spacebase DF-9 by Jean-Paul LeBreton, The White Birch by Andrew Wood, Autonomous by Lee Petty and Black Lake by Levi Ryken

Petty is the only project lead this year who has successfully pitched an idea previously - Tim Schafer approved his pitch for Stacking. So far $124,094.11 has been contributed by the public and 75,065 votes were cast. Double Fine will begin streaming live from 2pm PST as the work begins on the four projects. All contributors will receive Steam codes (for Windows) after the fortnight has ended for all 5 game prototypes.

Update: Double Fine announced during its live stream that they would support 5 prototypes, and therefore Levi Ryken's Black Lake concept will also be developed.

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Double Fine Amnesia Fortnight projects chosen


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  1. Nnnnnnnnnnoooooooooo!!!!!! "Silent But Deadly" didn't make the cut :(

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  2. @Matt see this is the problem with it going public. As cool as it is seeing so much creativity and watching the's hard to see great ideas tossed aside. But hey, they can't make them all and it's a very smart idea to go with what your fans want most. I actually voted for 3 of the four titles that won in the end but I reeeally wanted Kaiju Piledriver! Hopefully it can see the light of day somehow...

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  4. @Alex Right, well, at any rate "Hack n' Slash" sounds pretty FEXCELLENT!!

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    • Thu January 21, 2021
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