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"How did the company that missed the CD-ROM revolution ...

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  1. I haven't played it, but I was disappointed to see his #2 disappointment, "Resident Evil Jumps the Shark":

    Resident Evil: Revelations for the 3DS was decent, but Resident Evil 6 for consoles was a shambling mess. Its three separate storylines attempted to please both the horror buffs who wanted a tense, scary experience and the mainstream gamers who wanted a guns-blazing action shooter. But all it did was make the famously convoluted Resident Evil narrative even harder to follow.

    And while the player characters were made more agile, the ultra-dark environments and a camera that lingered too closely to the heroes’ backs made the action haphazard and confusing. A forthcoming patch will reportedly fix the camera, but it can’t put Resident Evil’s reputation back together again. — Daniel Feit

    So apparently Resident Evil needs another reboot after it was rebooted just two iterations ago...?

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  2. I've heard nothing but disdain for Resident Evil 6. I haven't picked up a Wii U yet...I guess I'm just not excited in any way by it or its titles at this point.

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  4. @Matt Hah, yep I did mean Wii U. I've still never played Pikmin...and yeah I dunno. Nothing's leaping out at me.

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