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The End

As the end of the year comes upon us, Gamasutra is rounding up its most notable articles of the year, including an opinion on what is perhaps Metal Gear Solid 3's greatest boss battle, and indeed one of the most memorable bosses ever: The End.

MGS3 is a favorite in part because of the "sheer elegance and restraint it displays as an entry in a series known for overt and often strange authorial self-indulgence."

In the confrontation with The End:

The battle quickly becomes a tense, psychological game of cat-and-mouse -- find The End before his preternatural sniper's eye finds you, the pair of you stalking one another across massive areas. The best boss fights ask the player to make use of skills he or she has accumulated thus far in the game and this one's no exception: Players will have had to master the camouflage system and hunting for stamina in order to survive what can become a battle across realtime hours, and use tools like thermal goggles and a directional mic to stalk The End's location.

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Revisiting Metal Gear Solid 3's best boss fight


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  1. First time I played MGS3 I had to save and go somewhere when I got to The End. I then couldn't play it again for a while - and came back to find him dead. Great Easter Egg!

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  2. @Alex haha classic Kojima. Did you reset your game clock to play him?

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  3. @Matt nah, I kept playing. Re-played it later on though, and it was a battle of epic proportions.

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  4. The End is definitely the greatest boss battles in the history of video games thus far. I don't think I'll ever get tired of people saying it.

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