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Do Japanese developers have trouble understanding North American audiences?

In a recent interview, Mega Man creator and former Capcom employee, Keiji Inafune stated that Japanese developers don't understand the North American gamer, in terms of what they want in a game. Do you agree or disagree? I have listed a link to the article as well as a response from YouTube webshow host Gaijin Goomah. I realize that some of our members do not live in North America, but I would still like to hear your thoughts on this matter.

Read the article here

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Do Japanese developers have trouble understanding North...


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  1. There's always been a bit of a cross-cultural disconnect that goes both ways for game companies. Companies in the US, Japan and elsewhere all make games for the local market first, international second. And that is fine. In most industries it's the home market that dictates what you make (unless you have an absolute runaway hit internationally).

    But I think the Japanese game companies are disadvantaged a bit by not embracing the internet as well as western gaming companies. I think it is just a part of the more insular hierarchal corporate culture that comes with being large companies. I also recall an article on this where one person in Japan said that the company they worked for was deathly afraid of a community manager offending someone.

    Language is also an issue. English is spoken in more places than any other language so any US game company can probably talk to any given fan.

    I remember when Inafune was reaching out to the community in Japan and outside it for when he was working on MML3. This was something I hadn't seen any other developer do.

    It's a complicated issue and I think he's right for the most part. I guess I'm done rambling now.

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