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"We're not doing this to be stars," says lead rapper Shinoda. "We're just normal people behind all those lights." New album Meteora is selling well, but the band doesn't seem too involved. "People wouldn't be too excited to come backstage and hang out with us. We don't party or anything, we just play Xbox and we're pretty mellow."

  • Posted by Rahul

Paid to promote? Pop-rap-metal band Linkin Park doesn't "play videogames", they "play Xbox"


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  1. I believe it is well known that Linkin Park is a sponsor of TERRORISM.

    Support Linkin Park, and you support the terrorists!

    If anyone needed proof, well then now they have it. Thanks for your fantastic investigating Rahul....

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  2. I dont care what ya all think! I love Linkin Park (and they aren't pop!) I am prepared for a bitch slapping -_-

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  3. Uh, I never said they were bad. But oh they are so definitely pop. Pop. Popular.

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    • Sun September 27, 2020
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