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BlogLONDON (Reuters) - "Move over Spider-Man -- mere mortals may soon be coming to a ceiling near you. Researchers at the University of Manchester say they have cracked the secret of one of the reptile world's greatest climbers, the gecko, and produced a sticky tape that can mimic the lizard's gravity-defying abilities. Soon, people could walk on walls like comic-book superhero Spider-Man, the university said.

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Researchers develop Spider-Man gloves


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  1. uh, I'm actually not sure how a glove of this materila could work. I'm not big on science, but a simple question is actually moving your hands if it's so sticky. And furthermore, I thought geckos used static eletricity. Sorry, but this doesn't quite add up to me.

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  2. well, it's true!!! i swear!

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    • Mon January 25, 2021
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