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Uematsu confirmed for Final Fantasy XII

In a recent update of his online diary, Nobuo Uematsu mentioned some details concerning his upcoming significance in Final Fantasy XII's soundtrack. While not being the sole composer involved, he does say he wants to "try something new" and talks about his love for a variety of Japanese music. Didn't we see that in Final Fantasy X already?

  • Posted by Rahul
Sblogs / 2003 / June / 14

Uematsu confirmed for Final Fantasy XII


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  1. wow, it really looks like he wears a fake moustache and a wig...maybe its john williams underneath all that....

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  2. an excerpt from Nobuo's Diary....
    June 15, 2003....Dear Diary, today Hironobu looked at me...I hope he doesnt know I have a major crush on him( a heart is drawn with Nobuo + Hironobu = 4 ever )I cant wait until tomorrow's sleepover...we're gonna have so much each other makeovers, pillow fights, talking about boys...(oh Hironobu...)......end excerpt

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  3. Wtf, Rachel.

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    • Wed October 28, 2020
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