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The Games Convention, running between 21 and 24 August in Leipzig, Germany, will be featuring a rather spectacular opening involving the Czech National Symphony Orchestra; the plan is to interpret famous videogame soundtracks, including Final Fantasy. Special honorary guests include Uematsu, but also Shenmue composer Yuzo Koshiro and Factor 5's sound director Chris H?lsbeck. Andy Brick, composer for such Disney flicks as Lilo and Stitch 2 and The Little Mermaid 2, will be conducting the orchestra, whose performance will be the first of its kind in Europe.

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Sblogs / 2003 / June / 14

Final Fantasy & Uematsu to be honored at Games Convention


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  1. i read this article at Games Are Fun about all the rampant German censorship that's imposed on video games there, so i find it odd that they would hold such an event there.

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  2. While it's true that German games get censored a lot (you won't find stuff like Return to Castle Wolfenstein in there), that doesn't mean that a convention dedicated to gaming itself cannot be held. Neither the music nor the convention itself really emphasize violence in any way, so I don't think the two are really that relevant.

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  3. Holy shit, Lilo and Stitch 2?!

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    • Thu October 22, 2020
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