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At this weekend's shareholder's conference, Square Enix revealed that the "poor" sales of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, which amounted to around 480k copies in Japan, was due to Sony's use of a "middleware" engine, which resulted in the reported bugs that caused the game to crash and meant Squenix had to replace copies. This excuse was accompanied by several announcements, the most important of which appears to be that the company is investing in Game Arts (responsible for titles like Lunar) and plan to co-develop a title sometime in the future. Square Enix also plans to show Dragon Quest VIII shortly.1


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  • Posted by Rahul
Sblogs / 2003 / June / 24

Square Enix seniors diss Sony at meeting; blame them for Star Ocean 3 middleware solution; forge alliance with Game Arts


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  1. OWNED !!!!!!!

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  2. Why doesn't Enix make its own fucking games, so it doesn't have to blame others. Gee like no one NOTICED the game was buggy before it got released? It has to be SONYS fault.

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    • Mon September 28, 2020
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