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Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles received 7 / 8 / 9 / 9 (33/40) from japanese Gamecube specialist mag Dengeki GC, indicating that it should be pretty good as we expected, but not exactly perfect (as expected). At least it's better than Joshua Yadron thought it would be, that blasted naysayer. Nintendo mentioned that the first shipment of the title in Japan would consist of 100.000 units, which seems on the low side - so perhaps they don't expect the game to do really that well, or is the Gamecube market really that tiny?1


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  • Posted by Rahul
Sblogs / 2003 / July / 17

Dengeki GC gets hands on Crystal Chronicles; Nintendo reveals first shipment details


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  1. That joshua yadron fucker sounds like a real negative guy

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  2. Yeah, what a bitch!

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    • Wed January 20, 2021
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