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Square Enix comments on the PSP: "no comment"

Upon Koei's recent commitment to Sony's PSP, the Japanese press looked to Square Enix for comments on a commitment to the handheld, to which Square Enix president Yoichi Wada replied "We cannot say whether development is moving forward or not." Given Sony's controlling interest in Square Enix, however, it is speculated that Square Enix titles will grace the PSP. As to what level Square Enix will support the PSP, or whether it will favor it over the Game Boy Advance is not known.1



  • Posted by Matt

Squenix's comment on the PSP: "no comment"


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  2. Id just like to comment that I have no comment regarding this news article...

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  3. Wow seiken, your beutiful touched me oww. I was moved by it and almost cried put that garlic away Steve!!.

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  4. No seriously, I thought it was really nice.

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  5. Forgot to write review on that first post.

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    • Wed December 2, 2020
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