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New Mana, Crystal Chronicles titles confirmed for Nintendo DS

The list of new titles to be brought to the Nintendo DS after its release includes a substantial contribution from Square Enix, with 4 titles listed as being under development for the system alongside previously announced Egg Monster Heroes. Besides a new iteration of Dragon Quest Monsters and Slime Morimori Dragon Quest, two titles I'm sure you're about as interested in as protracting athlete's foot, the system will be graced with the presence of a new Mana title, something we previously suspected as being under development, and a new Crystal Chronicles, which was more or less announced at E3 anyway. So ends this news article that may just as well have consisted solely of the title. Sigh.

  • Posted by Rahul

New Mana, Crystal Chronicles titles confirmed for Nintendo DS


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  1. kick ass!

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  2. Well... Dragon Quest surely has its share of polymorphism, no? Oh well...

    It's good to see solid DS support. I just hope to see at least one original Squenix title next year. And some announcement on a sequel to Vagrant Story.

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    • Tue August 11, 2020
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