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New Gameplay And Plot Details For Parasite Eve II

According to the Magic Box, new gameplay and story details have emerged for the cinematic sequel, Parasite Eve II. The story once again revolves around Aya Brea, who is now in Los Angeles on a specialized team called Mitchondria Investigation and Suppression Team, aka MIST. Three years after the ending of the first game, Mitochondria begin to make a subtle but shocking return in New York, and MIST is quickly called upon, thus begining the story, which is said to be almost twice as long as the first.

Battles have supposedly recieved a touch up, as they've changed from Turn Based to real time. As many know, in the previous game, Square attempted to mix the two by allowing movement, but still running off a timer. Also, Aya will now use MP rather than PE. Rounding out the list of additions is a Metal Gear Solid-esque radar, to help track and avoid un-needed battles.

Set for a December 9th release in Japan, keep an eye out for this one. We'll bring you any new info on this promising title as we get it.1


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