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According to Nobuo Uematsu's official website, this year?s Electronic Entertainment Expo will herald an addendum to the current Dear Friends concert tour, brilliantly entitled, "More Friends - Music from Final Fantasy". The World Festival Symphony Orchestra will perform moving Final Fantasy tracks while award-winning conductor Arnie Roth works his magic and Uematsu's own "Black Mages" join the fun. The concert will take place at the Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles on May 16, preceding both E3 and the supposed display of Final Fantasy XII, the latter of which is probably just another six-month stall. Tantalizing.1



  • Posted by Ziyad

Final Fantasy concert coming to E3


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  1. Sounds pretty sweet. I can't wait to download some bootlegs from the show. ;)

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  2. Yay, Black Mages. The fact that I'm so far away means that this doesn't affect me too much, but it's nice to see that they are branching out their performances.

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  3. wtff is the thing in the headline image?

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  4. It's a violion. Hence its name being violin.gif!

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    • Wed January 27, 2021
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