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While this much was pretty obvious from the start, World of Mana will in fact be a new franchise based on the revisitation of the universe crafted with the Mana series previously. "The Legend Lives On. Epic new tales in the Mana series are in the midst of being spun. From past to present, and on to the future, the Mana series continues to evolve. Glimpse the many facets of the World of Mana through a multitude of platforms -- glimpses that will soon unfold into an unforgettable fantasy experience. The day you can next step into the world of Mana is drawing near." -- multiplatform, several genres, and probably with online support in some fashion. Aside from the already announced Seiken Densetsu DS, however, platforms for the franchise ar up in the air.1


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  • Posted by Rahul
Sblogs / 2005 / July / 30

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