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Final Fantasy V and VI DS remakes considered

Square Enix producer Shinji Hashimoto was in the question-answering mood yesterday, responding to a handful of queries thrown his way via the Square Enix Partners Twitter account. Hashimoto addressed the possibility of DS remakes for Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI, stating (according to Andriasang's translation), "for FF5 and 6, there are technical issues as well, so at present these are also undecided."12

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Modern Warfare 2

An indie game developer known as CalbiTheZebra has created a wonderful 2D interpretation of Modern Warfare 2, last year’s $1.5 billion behemoth from Activision and Infinity Ward. Though short, the game features loads of variety (snowmobiles! helicopters!) and includes memorable locations and blockbuster moments from the original game. And the best part of all? You can download and play it yourself, for free, RIGHT NOW.1

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I spent the days doing anything I felt like, researching whatever kind of technology struck me, playing whatever games piqued my interest ... for example, I wound up playing Dragon Quest IX for about 400 hours.

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The descriptions on the back of the games you buy will be updated as of September. The new descriptions include "Cartoon Violence", "Fantasy Violence", "Intense Violence", and "Sexual Violence". These changes to the ESRB ratings system will ensure that gamers are looking for just the right combinations of violence before making their purchase.

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