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Satoru Iwata dies at age 55

Satoru Iwata quote

On Sunday, Nintendo issued a short statement saying that it's chief executive, Satoru Iwata, passed away from a bile duct growth on Saturday July 11, 2015. Mr. Iwata was only 55. As a game developer, president, and then CEO, Iwata oversaw many of HAL Laboratories and Nintendo's popular titles. Mr. Iwata displayed a fluency in the language of gaming and an ease with young developers. His motto was that, "video games are meant to be just one thing. Fun. Fun for everyone." Even though Satoru Iwata is now gone, his influence and legacy in the gaming industry will live on forever. RIP. New York Times article

Metroid Fusion: Exploration Fueled by Fear

While still a great game, many criticize Metroid Fusion for being way more straightforward in terms of level progression than other entries in the series. But, perhaps there is a good reason for this. The X parasites, rather than simply kill her, seem to be using Samus for further their own goals by having her open more and more areas of the space station. Is Samus unaware of this trickery, or does she realize that she has no other options, but to go along with it for now? Because of this, a sense of fear is instilled in Samus, and beyond her the player. But is it a fear of horror or more of a fear of the unknown? And how scary a thing curiosity, like wanting to know what happens next, can be. This video by Rated S Games dives into more detail on the subject.

Do Japanese developers have trouble understanding North American audiences?

In a recent interview, Mega Man creator and former Capcom employee, Keiji Inafune stated that Japanese developers don't understand the North American gamer, in terms of what they want in a game. Do you agree or disagree? I have listed a link to the article as well as a response from YouTube webshow host Gaijin Goomah. I realize that some of our members do not live in North America, but I would still like to hear your thoughts on this matter.

Read the article here

Junction Point is bringing not one, but two Epic Mickey sequels to Nintendo this fall!

In the recent Nintendo Power issue, game creator, Warren Spector, sits down and talks about his new games he has coming this fall; Epic Mickey: The Power of Two for the Wii and Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion for the 3DS. Power of Two will feature co-op play, with player two taking control of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Mickey will still use the paint brush and tinner, but Oswald will be using a remote control that shoots electricity, as well as other gadgets. The biggest news seems to be though, that the camera system, that was so horrible in the first game, has been completely overhauled and will no longer be the burden it once was. All characters will have real actual dialogue in the game, as opposed to the squeaking and grunting sounds of the last game.

Power of Illusion, for the 3DS, is also a sequel (set sometime after the first game), but is also a follow-up to the Mickey Mouse game, Castle of Illusion for the Sega Genesis. This side-scroller, will feature characters and levels from both games, including the boss of CoI, the witch Mizrabel. Mickey's bounce attack is back and he will use it along with the paintbrush to transerve through the castle once more. Expect both games to hit stores this fall.

QuakeCon 2011 Coverage Coming Soon

Greetings fellow, well another QuakeCon has come and gone and it was awesome. I'm just posting this Sblog to let you guys know that it may be a little bit before I am able to give you all the information and coverage of the event. I am currently in the process of moving into a new place and most of my stuff is still in boxes, but rest assured, as soon as I find the USB cord for my camera, I will upload all my pictures for you guys and cover the event proper. It could be a few days or it could be a month from now, but it will be here. Thank you.

The reasoning for the choice was because we wanted to take full advantage of the unique characteristics of the N3DS. The system excels at creating the illusion of depth and allows users to see stereoscopic 3D without the use of glasses. With the majority of the game taking place in dense jungles, Snake Eater seemed like the best fit to take advantage of these features. In the jungle, there are trees, stones, occasional waterfalls that extend off into the distance, making it a good fit for 3D. With the capabilities of N3DS, we are able to show off the depth and breadth of these beautiful natural environments like never before.

Quakecon 2011 coming soon!

Its that time of the year again. During August 4th-7th in Dallas, TX, at the Hilton Anatole hotel, Bethesda will be hosting QuakeCon 2011. This year's lineup so far seems to be a playable version of the game Rage (which was shown only as a video last year) as well as public demonstrations of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Prey 2. Guest speakers include John Carmack among others. And of course the annual BYOC solo or team tournaments of Quake 3 and other games. Free to enter and all-ages welcome. So if Texas doesn't seem like an unusually long drive and this interests you, stop by around the end of the first week in August.

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