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Artists & Credits

Hitoshi Sakimoto Composer
June Chikuma Composer
Nobuo Uematsu Composer
Shinji Hosoe Composer
Yuzo Koshiro Composer
Hiroyuki Ito Performer
Jun Chiki Chikuma Composer
KENYU Composer
Miki Higashino Composer
The Sleepwalk Performer
Thelonius Monkeys Composer
Toshiyuki Sasagawa Composer
Tsukasa Tawada Composer
Ten Plants  box cover
Biosphere Records
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Ten Plants

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Ten Plants summary

Enter Ten Plants, a collaborative album involving a plethora reputable game music composers. Fans of the industry will no doubt recognize the prolific Nobuo Uematsu, Hitoshi Sakimoto, and Shinji Hosoe (to name a few). Obscure artists poke their heads into the compilation as well, such as the Thelonius Monkeys. Although unexpected, their pieces lock perfectly into place on the album and provide for a new experience, even to game music fanatics. The music itself encompasses a staggering scope, from folksy chants and enigmatic ambience to seamless electronica and upbeat, quirky vocals ala Katamari Damacy. This may imply a schizoid experience, but the opposite is actually true. Each track subtly weaves in an organic tone, creating a unifying theme throughout the compositions in spite of stylistic variance. Imagine, if you will, the rejuvenating smell of fresh vegetables as they line the rows of a garden (or the shelves of a local supermarket, for the urban folks). The songs themselves cultivate a similarly refreshing experience for the listener's earbuds. In the event of grim times or even a rainy day, Ten Plants will surely brighten the mood with its lovable aura.

Ten Plants Track List

Track list translations: Chudah's Corner, Game Music Revolution

Disc 1

track number  Name extended information  Artist Time
1 Tokyo Life Miki Higashino 5:59
2 In the Garden of Sakura Trees Tsukasa Tawada 3:45
3 And Forget Tomorrow's Dream Nobuo Uematsu (Hiroyuki Ito) 6:33
4 Kurolera the Factory Chief Hitoshi Sakimoto 5:29
5 Moon on the Waves IV KENYU 7:43
6 Falling Falling ~ The Stars Hear the Flower's Song Toshiyuki Sasagawa 5:02
7 True Plant Shinji Hosoe 4:51
8 Karina - Hichimenahochi Thelonius Monkeys (The Sleepwalk) 2:26
9 Desolate Winds of Autumn Yuzo Koshiro 5:39
10 Ismael Hayat Jun Chiki Chikuma 15:08

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