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Game Music Database

Music by Composer / Nobuo Uematsu

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A Night in Fantasia Limited Edition CD 2003-11-01 N/A
A Night in Fantasia 2005 2007-00-00 ANIF05
All Sounds of SaGa 2004-12-15 NTCP-1004/5
Alpha Soundtrack 1986-07-08 PC-8801
Anata o Yurusanai Original Soundtrack 2007-01-19 DERP-10001
Battle SQ 2012-07-14 SQEX-10314
Beer SQ 2012-07-04 SQEX-10317
Benyamin Nuss Plays Uematsu 2010-09-17 BNPU
Blue Dragon My Tears and the Sky 2006-11-22 SVWC-7426
Blue Dragon Eternity 2006-11-22 SVWC-7427
Blue Dragon Original Soundtrack 2006-12-13 SVWC-7428~29
Chill SQ 2010-05-26 SQEX-10193
Chocobo Dungeon: Labyrinth of Forgotten Time Original Soundtrack 2008-01-23 SQEX-10104
Chocobo no Fushigina Dungeon Coi Vanni Gialli 1998-02-05 SSCX-10016
Chocobo no Fushigina Dungeon 2 Original Soundtrack 1999-01-21 SSCX-10026
Chocobo Racing Original Soundtrack 1999-03-25 SSCX-10030
Chrono Trigger Original Sound Version 1995-03-25 PSCN-5021~3
Cruise Chaser BLASSTY Original Soundtrack 1986-04-01 YM-2203
Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Original Soundtrack 2011-03-02 SQEX-10235~7
Dissidia Final Fantasy Original Soundtrack 2008-12-24 SQEX-10132/3
Distant Worlds Music from Final Fantasy 2007-12-04 AWR10101
Ehrgeiz Original Soundtrack 2003-01-22 SSCX-10078/79
Final Fantasy Symphonic Suite 1989-09-30 H28X-1007
Final Fantasy Symphonic Suite 1994-03-25 PSCR-5253
Final Fantasy Vocal Collections I - Pray 1994-06-25 PSCN-5006
Final Fantasy 1987-1994 1994-12-10 PSCN-5011
Final Fantasy 1987-1994 Limited Edition 1994-11-26 PSCN-9101
Final Fantasy Mix 1994-11-26 PSCN-5012
Final Fantasy Vocal Collections II - Love Will Grow 1995-11-25 PSCN-5041
Final Fantasy Potion 2001-02-21 SSCX-10051
Final Fantasy Potion 2 2001-12-19 SSCX-10059
Final Fantasy 20020220 2002-05-09 SSCX-10065~6
Final Fantasy The Black Mages 2003-02-19 SSCX-10080
Final Fantasy Mix 1994-11-26 NTCP-5012
Final Fantasy N Generation: Official Best Collection 2001-10-22 TPCD-0212-2
Final Fantasy S Generation: Official Best Collection 2001-10-22 TPCD-0213-2
Final Fantasy Remix 2008-08-06 SQEX-10119
Final Fantasy Vocal Collection 2013-01-30 SQEX-10360
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Original Soundtrack 2003-01-01 PCCG-00613
Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales The Best of 2006-12-27 N/A
Final Fantasy I·II Sound Collections 1988-12-21 H25X-1001
Final Fantasy I·II Sound Collections 1994-03-25 PSCR-5251
Final Fantasy I·II Original Soundtrack 2002-10-23 SSCX-10071~2
Final Fantasy III Legend of the Eternal Wind 1990-05-25 PSCX-1005
Final Fantasy III Original Sound Version 1991-07-15 N23D-002
Final Fantasy III Legend of the Eternal Wind 1994-03-25 PSCR-5252
Final Fantasy III Original Sound Version 1995-02-01 PSCN-5013
Final Fantasy III Kefka's Domain 1994-01-01 N/A
Final Fantasy III Original Soundtrack 2006-09-20 SQEX 10076/77
Final Fantasy IV Original Sound Version 1991-06-14 N23D-001
Final Fantasy IV Minimum Album 1991-09-05 N09D-004
Final Fantasy IV Celtic Moon 1991-10-28 N30D-006
Final Fantasy IV Piano Collections 1992-04-21 N38D-010
Final Fantasy IV Piano Collections 1994-09-24 PSCN-5008
Final Fantasy IV Original Sound Version 1995-02-01 PSCN-5014
Final Fantasy IV Celtic Moon 1995-02-01 PSCN-5017
Final Fantasy IV Piano Collections 2001-05-23 NTCP-1001
Final Fantasy IV Tsuki no Akari 2007-12-05 BVCR-19727
Final Fantasy IV (DS) Original Soundtrack 2008-01-30 SQEX-10105/7
Final Fantasy IX Original Soundtrack 2000-08-30 SSCX-10043~6
Final Fantasy IX Original Soundtrack Plus 2000-12-06 SSCX-10047
Final Fantasy IX Piano Collections 2001-01-24 SSCX-10048
Final Fantasy IX Melodies of Life 2000-08-02 KICS-811
Final Fantasy IX Chips 2012-09-19 SQEX-10340
Final Fantasy Song Book Mahoroba 2004-03-10 UPCH-1332
Final Fantasy Tactics A2: The Sealed Grimoire Original Soundtrack 2007-11-28 SQEX-10102~3
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Original Soundtrack 2003-02-19 SSCX-10083~4
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance White Melodies 2003-02-26 SVWC-7172
Final Fantasy V 5 + 1 1992-10-21 N09D-012
Final Fantasy V Original Sound Version 1992-12-07 N33D-013~4
Final Fantasy V Mambo de Chocobo 1993-01-21 N09D-016
Final Fantasy V Dear Friends 1993-03-25 N30D-017
Final Fantasy V Piano Collections 1993-06-21 N30D-018
Final Fantasy V Piano Collections 1994-09-24 PSCN-5009
Final Fantasy V Original Sound Version 1994-11-26 PSCN-5015~6
Final Fantasy V Dear Friends 1995-02-01 PSCN-5018
Final Fantasy V Piano Collections 2000-01-01 NTCP-1002
Final Fantasy VI Stars Vol. 1 1994-01-24 N09D-023
Final Fantasy VI Stars Vol. 2 1994-01-24 N09D-024
Final Fantasy VI Original Sound Version 1994-03-25 PSCN-5001~3
Final Fantasy VI Grand Finale 1994-05-25 PSCN-5004
Final Fantasy VI Piano Collections 1994-06-25 PSCN-5005
Final Fantasy VI Piano Collections 2001-07-25 NTCP-1003
Final Fantasy VI Special Tracks 1994-04-25 PSCN-6101
Final Fantasy VII Original Sound Track 1997-02-10 SSCX-10004
Final Fantasy VII Reunion Tracks 1997-10-22 SSCX-10012
Final Fantasy VII Piano Collections 2003-12-03 SSCX-10111
Final Fantasy VII Chips 2012-09-19 SQEX-10338
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Original Soundtrack 2005-09-28 SQEX-10051~2
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete Reunion Tracks 2009-09-16 SQEX-10172
Final Fantasy VIII Original Soundtrack 1999-03-01 SSCX-10028
Final Fantasy VIII Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec 1999-11-20 SSCX-10037
Final Fantasy VIII Piano Collections 2000-01-21 SSCX-10041
Final Fantasy VIII Music Collection 2000-01-01 N/A
Final Fantasy VIII Eyes on Me 1999-02-24 TODT-5271
Final Fantasy VIII Chips 2012-09-19 SQEX-10339
Final Fantasy Vinyls 2012-11-28 SQEX-10353~7
Final Fantasy X Suteki da ne 2001-07-18 SSCX-10053
Final Fantasy X Piano Collections 2002-02-20 SSCX-10064
Final Fantasy X Original Soundtrack 2001-08-01 SSCX-10054~7
Final Fantasy X Official Soundtrack 2002-02-20 TPCD-0211-2
Final Fantasy X feel/Go dream 2001-10-11 SSCX-10058
Final Fantasy X Vocal Collection 2002-12-18 SSCX-10073
Final Fantasy X Suteki da ne 2004-07-22 SQEX10029
Final Fantasy X Chips 2012-09-19 SQEX-10341
Final Fantasy XI Original Soundtrack Limited Edition 2002-06-05 SSCX-10067~8
Final Fantasy XI Original Soundtrack 2002-06-05 SSCX-10069~70
Final Fantasy XI Piano Collections 2008-06-25 SQEX-10117
Final Fantasy XI: Chains of Promathia Original Soundtrack 2004-10-17 SQEX-10041
Final Fantasy XI: Vision of Zilaat Original Soundtrack 2003-05-21 SSCX-10093
Final Fantasy XII Kiss Me Goodbye 2006-03-15 ESCL-2810
Final Fantasy XII Original Soundtrack 2006-05-31 SVWC-7351
Final Fantasy XIII Original Soundtrack 2010-01-27 SQEX-10183-6
Final Fantasy XIII-2 Original Soundtrack 2011-12-14 SQEX-10296~9
Front Mission: Gun Hazard Original Soundtrack 1996-02-25 PSCN-5044~5
GAME Game & Anime Music Emotions 2007-06-30 PS-01
Hanjuku Hero Original Soundtrack 2003-06-25 TIN-50
Hanjuku Hero IV: The Seven Half-Boiled Heroes ~Sound Collection~ 2005-05-26 Promotional Album
Hanjuku Hero V.S 3D Original Soundtrack 2003-06-25 SSCX-10095~6
Hanjuku Hero V.S 3D Fight! Hanjuku Hero / Without Yolk... 2003-04-23 SSCX-10089
Journeys on a Piano Alexey Yemtsov 2006-04-15 N/A
Kingdom Hearts -FINAL MIX- Additional Tracks 2002-12-25 SQCD-40001
Kingdom Hearts II Original Soundtrack 2006-01-25 TOCT-25871~2
Kokoro no Senshi 2006-01-18 ESCL-2770
Octave Theory 2011-03-16 DERP-10015
Phantasmagoria 1994-10-26 NTCP-5010
Piano Opera FINAL FANTASY IV/V/VI 2012-05-16 SQEX-10307
Piano Opera Final Fantasy I/II/III 2012-02-29 SQEX-10302
Play For Japan: The Album 2011-07-15 PFG
Potion~Relaxin' with Final Fantasy~ 2006-07-19 SQEX-10073
Project Majestic Mix Silver Edition 2002-08-20 KFSS-702
Project Majestic Mix Gold Edition 2002-06-15 N/A
Romancing SaGa La Romance 1995-11-25 NTCP-5037
Romancing SaGa Original Sound Version 1995-11-25 NTCP-5036
Romancing SaGa 2 Original Sound Version 1995-11-25 NTCP-5038
Romancing SaGa 2 Eternal Romance 1995-11-25 NTCP-5039
Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song Original Soundtrack 2005-04-27 UPCH-1411
Seiken Densetsu Music Complete Book 2011-09-14 SQEX-10249~68
SQ chips 2011-09-21 SQEX-10248
SQ Chips 2 2012-07-25 SQEX-10318
Square Vocal Collection 2001-06-20 SSCX-10052
Square Enix Battle Tracks Vol.1 2007-05-09 SQEX-10097
SQUAREDANCE Standard Edition 2002-08-20 KFSS-705
SQUAREDANCE Limited Edition 2002-08-20 KFSS-704
Ten Plants 1998-04-22 BICA-5001
Ten Plants 2 Children Songs 1999-10-27 BICA-5002
The Black Mages 2004-05-10 SQEX-10019
The Black Mages II ~The Skies Above~ 2004-12-22 UPCH-1377
The Black Mages III Darkness and Starlight 2008-03-19 DERP-10002
The Last Story Original Soundtrack 2011-02-23 DERP-10012~4
The OneUps Volume 2 2008-09-02 OUS-005
UnchainBlades EXXIV Original Soundtrack 2012-11-28 DERP-10019
Voices from Final Fantasy Final Fantasy Premium Orchestra Concert 2006-06-21 SQEX-20003
XI Chips FINAL FANTASY XI Chiptune 2012-07-13 SQEX-10320
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